Community Based Health Care Program

Currently CCODER is promoting its Community Based Health Care Program. It stems from lessons learned and past experiences through-out its working districts and thus CCODER has developed a tri-phased multifaceted program that can bring quality, affordable and reliable health care to Nepal. The program is aligned with the Total Human Development approach of CCODER for advancement – holistic development. In approaching all sides of the problem at once, CCODER believes it can contribute to more sustainable means to development, and the CBHCP does just that.

The three phases are:

  1. Development from within:  Educate, support clinics and insure CDC members and Health Care workers at the VDC level;
  2. Demand of advancement to surrounding communities: Increase the capacity of District Health Care Providers;
  3. Development brought from outside: Development of a regional Community Hospital/Clinic.

Measurable outcomes of this project reach far beyond just providing health care and include:

  • increased environmental quality;
  • mitigation of curable and preventable diseases for decreasing lifespan;
  • promotion of women involvement in society;
  • job creation and entrepreneurial promotion;
  • increased education in preventative/basic/holistic health, family planning, waste disposal, reproductive health, and many more;
  • savings promotion- economic activity promotion;
  • insurance and “rainy day savings” promotion through sustainable form of non-profit insurance companies, run by communities for communities, just to name a few.

CCODER has had many successful and meaningful projects in this area and it has been through these projects have they been able to develop this all encompassing completely exhaustive approach to rural health care. The next project regarding Health is set to roll out in Fall 2010 in the district of Palpa where residents are versed in basic health care education, and have accumulated savings to put towards an insurance scheme. The time and the place is ripe for a comprehensive roll out of health care.