Community Schools

“Children know how to deal with the impossible as if it were the possible” Goethe

Education is an important role in creating a successful development strategy. CCODER recognizes this, and provides a Development Education course to members of communities in order to empower and mobilize its citizenry. But all too often, children in remote villages are forgotten and left without being able to recognize the opportunities around them. This is why CCODER supports its Community Tourism project as a School-Trek where individuals can come and see the effectiveness of different school systems, managed by parents, the communities and schools themselves. Participants can also gain valuable insights into teaching methods of Nepalese teachers, take part in a intercultural exchanges with students and teachers.

CCODER has also established three Community Schools in Gorkha, Palpa and Tanahu. They are currently supported by international donors, and their packages are being continually evolved to reflect the most up to date teaching pedagogy for creative “out of the box” practical education methods.

Check out our site under Community Treks to come visit a school or our Partners page to find out how to support a school.