Welcome to CCODER


Nepal’s Center for Community Development and Research (CCODER, pronounced as ‘Sikoder’) was established May 4, 1990 by Dr. Govinda Dhital. CCODER is recognized by Nepal government as an independent nonprofit organization.

Since 1990, CCODER has worked tirelessly to alleviate poverty and create thriving and sustainable villages in six districts of Nepal including Gorkha, Lamjung, Tanahun, Palpa, Terathum and Kathmandu. To date they have formed more than 650 village-based organizations, touching a population of more than 30,000 people.

CCODER’s successful track record rests on three pillars of Community Development:

    1. Education to Increase Awareness, Commitment and Set goals for Themselves and the Children
    2. Organization to Unify and Empower the People
    3. Economic and Social Development including a Community Banking System and the Development of Micro-Industries

The strength of this grassroots approach rests on the aim to have all villagers involved in the planning of their future regardless of sex or caste so that they can achieve maximum independence from the outside. The villagers are the decision makers who determine their own destiny by planning and implementing their goals. CCODER then acts only as a parenting organization. This multifaceted socioeconomic approach is demonstrating that village life and culture can be preserved. It is a model that has proven to be successful.

CCODER has survived Nepal’s 10-year civil war, and now, the devastation of the 2015 earthquakes that have rocked the land and displaced so many villagers. The villagers have been hit hard having lost loved ones, endured injures, and watched helplessly as family homes and community buildings and schools crumbled. They now faced with rebuilding their spirit, their livelihoods and their homes.

An opportunity now faces everyone touched by this earthquake to Re-envision, Rebuild and Restore Nepal. CCODER is here for the mission. Using the organization that is already deeply rooted in the people, mass reorganization and rethinking is at hand. The strength of what has been created over the past 25 years, will be the foundation to pick up from the rubble and move forward in a new way.

The tasks are daunting as the CCODER staff and villagers hold hands together to reconnect with the gift of making a better life.

CCODER cannot do this alone. This has been a humanitarian crisis and support on all levels is needed. For donations and partner inquiries please contact us.