Volunteer Need

Currently CCODER is looking for volunteers, on-site or abroad, to help in a wide range of activities. We are looking for people who are self-motivated and enthusiastic about community development and want to make an immediate impact. If this sounds like you, contact us today!

Specific Volunteer positions needed in the areas of:

  • Marketing
  • Economics: Income generating activities, Micro-finance, increasing market access, etc
  • Health Care
  • Education: Montessori+ other community school types
  • Website design and maintenance
  • Graphic design
  • Project management, coordination, assistance
  • Aid efficiency

FAQ Volunteers

How long are the volunteer positions?

At CCODER Nepal, we offer on-site positions for up to 3 months. These positions require approximately 40hours per week. However, the work hours can be more flexible. The 3 months can be extended for however long you wish to stay. However, we do suggest that after 3 months, depending on your own output, a paid position might be made available to you- either in the HQ or out on the field.

Do I have to be from certain country or age to be a volunteer with CCODER Nepal?

No, CCODER Nepal does not have a preference from which country you are from. We only request that you are full of motivation and enthusiasm for our cause.


You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer; there is no upper limit. You should be in good health, however.


Do you provide any financial support for my trip/volunteership?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide any financial support.  

Who organizes the visa for my volunteer placement?

Any traveler to Nepal is allowed to stay on a tourist visa for up to 6 months per each 12-month period. You can get a tourist visa at the  Nepalese Embassy or Diplomatic Mission in your country or at the Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu upon arrival (US $30 for the first two months). You can renew your visa when you are here if you wish to stay for more than two months- for an additional charge of US $30 per month. Non-tourist visas are difficult to obtain and are twice as expensive as the tourist visa. It is the responsibility of volunteers to manage their own tickets and visa. We suggest that volunteers not stay more than 5 months.


What is the climate like and what clothes should I bring?

Nepal is not always as cold as people think. The country is geographically divided into three parts. The Himalayan region of Nepal is very cold in winter while the mid hill region and Terai region of Nepal have different climates in different seasons. The weather is cold from December to February but warm and moderately hot in the summer. The spring and fall are cool and very pleasant. Please bring your winter clothes (think layers!) if you are coming in November, December, January, or February. Please bring summer clothes for the rest of the months. However, if you bring nothing but money you can easily find shopping a fun and interesting experience in Thamel or in the more modern clothing shops at bluebird mall and other parts of Kathmandu.


More questions? Contact us today!