Renewable Energy Village

The UK based organization, Practical Action Nepal has supported CCODERs efforts in the district of Gorkha under its initiatives to “improve access to useful services, systems, and structures”. The Project has been in effect since 2004 and continues to today. The areas of partnership between PA and CCODER are:

  • Implementation of the project activities at the local levels
  • Social mobilization and information dissemination to the target communities and other stakeholders
  • Program and financial monitoring
  • Development of project reports, monitoring reports and other communication related documents, fliers, literature relevant to the project
  • Coordination with district and village level government bodies along with other key stakeholders to implement project activities and bring synergy to the project activities

CCODERs individual role in the project has been to mobilize residents, develop CDCs, design income-generating activities for communities and support in M&E of the projects.