Packages and Concepts

Community Tourism

As a form of income generating activities CCODER promotes “Community Tourism with a Purpose” to create sustainable livelihoods in rural Nepal. On our site click >> Community Tourism Treks for more information regarding such activities.

Community Bank

As one of the economic increasing activities CCODER promotes, a Community Bank helps organize and develop communities around Nepal,. To date approximately 25,000 residents have accounts in Community Banks sponsored by CCODER and this number is ever growing. Savings are then used to generate more income possibilities and profits are put back into the regions themselves.

The idea behind a Community Bank stems from the fact that low incomes and poverty are correlated. In order to break this cycle, CCODER has managed to help establish CDCs, development plans, create income-generating activities and support a Community bank to house the savings. In rural Nepal, banks are few and far in between, and when a Bank does exist it is difficult to get access to loans. Micro-finance then is done through community support. The ultimate goals are to:

  • Encourage villagers to develop a regular savings
  • Enable villagers to utilize their savings for productive purposes, and thereby generate more income
  • Develop managerial skills among villagers/Educate and support a banking institution

What is then supported is banking “with a meaning”. A grass roots approach to assisting the poor, through a self-help method where loans are provided to the community members by the community members. As with all CCODER established organizations, they are fully sustainable run for the community by the community as well as self-reliant.

What is special about CCODERs loan structure is the package developed, “360 degree Credit Management Model” which governs the process of granting loans, monitoring their usage and ensuring timely repayment. This has allowed the repayment structure to continue at 99%, and created a successful system of enabling banks, individual and communities to generate substantial additional capital.

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